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Joanna Bailey Designs

because life is meant to be lived by design, not by default

Joanna Bailey Designs (JBD) is a creative team of individuals that work together to build and foster positive communities on and off-line. On the ground we work with residential & commercial opportunities to create beautiful, thrilling environments, and lend a hand in communities around the country via Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House and myriad organizations serving others. Through our various web communities, we offer lifestyle coaching, blogging, community support, a vibrant E-magazine, public relations, marketing & advertising.

Women Who RISE is the heartbeat of Joanna Bailey designs. It is a community of women, for women. Women Who RISE serves a handful of great organizations, through the many events it will host each year! Designed to be an amplifier for great messages and a conduit for exclusive resources, Women Who RISE is connecting fearless female leaders across the country!

SAVOR is about real food. Real food that is safe to eat, food that nourishes the body and pleases the senses. SAVOR is here to play a role in supporting small farms, rapidly growing urban farming opportunities, sustainable agriculture, seed harvesting, education, awareness and development.

Don't forget that JBD is also a Blog! Dive a bit deeper and explore the vision that is, Joanna Bailey Designs.